Two principle reasons why we decided to hold this conference - and from now onward regular conferences and seminars - include sustained interest of our customers to receive information "at first hand" - to know bankers, secretary and trust services providers personally and, on the other hand, the interest of our foreign partners in the gaining Russian market. Our conference was meant to bring together practicing lawyers and bank representatives with their prospect customers and give them an opportunity to discuss latest changes in legal and banking procedures.

 New conference framework

Topics were presented at the conference not only as lectures, but also as discussion sessions enabling delegates to ask their own questions. Every presentation was accompanied by the chairperson's comments.

Social events were scheduled in such a way as to provide an opportunity for both delegates and foreign participants to use their leisure time for obtaining new knowledge, exchanging information and establishing new business contacts.

Foreign participants had a chance to meet highly targeted audience, make an informative presentation of their companies and provide corporate brochures directly to the customers.

 Key benefits of the conference

  • Discover new ways in strategic offshore planning
  • Update their professional knowledge of changes in the legislation and new legal practices
  • Listen to the presentation by the world's leading offshore practitioners
  • Obtain focussed information in clear and personalized format
  • Talk one-to-one with European banks' representatives
  • Obtain knowledge on anti-money laundering procedures
  • Learn practical aspects of court proceedings involving money-laundering

 Key topics:

  • Changes in the legislation of the British Virgin Islands: new requirements and new obligations of the registered agents to meet these requirements. Confidentiality under the changed conditions.
  • Assets protection and taxes: International tax planning schemes. Practices applied in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria.
  • Cyprus. Recent changes and immediate prospects: Interpretation and practical application of the new tax laws. Access to the EU - expectations and advantages..
  • Money laundering control: Practices applied in the Principality of Liechtenstein and in the UK. Position of the prosecution and position of the defense.
  • European banks: the new 40 FATF recommendations and their impact of the offshore industry. Bank secrecy. Know Your Client Rules. Presentation of 20 European banks.

 Foreign participants:

FIU (anti-Money Laundering Commettee), Liechtenstein
Raiffeisen Zentralbank Osterreich, Austria
Kinanis-Pyrgou & Co., Cyprus
Anglo - Irish Bank, Austria
Gutmann Bank, Austria
EURAM Bank, Austria
VP Bank AG, Liechtenstein
Pictet & Cie, Switzerland
Allgemeines Treuunternehmen(General Trust Company), Liechtenstein
Commonwealth Trust Limited, British Virgin Island
Financial Services Commission, British Virgin Island
Sark Offshore Consultancy, Sark, United Kingdom
Oberson & Associes, Switzerland
Hypo Investment Bank, Liechtenstein


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