Пол Раас

Образование / Опыт работы

Иностранные языки


Профессиональная деятельность


Belgian Customs official since December 1976;

- Now: Belgian Customs attache in Moscow, for the Russian Federation since

1st August 2009 and for Belarus since 21st December 2010;

- Before: Head of Single Customs Office of Belgian Customs, Program Manager

realization and operationalization of new customs declaration and

collection processes, Internal Advisor for the reorganization and business

process re-engineering of Belgian Customs Services, Internal Auditor,

compliance audits at premises of exporters for agriculture policy subsidy

claims, Collector, Internal Trainer, Inspector;

- Project at European Union level: Project leader for the creation “Economic

Operator Registration and Identification” (EORI) process of European

Union, co-author of member of the core working group that delivered the

working paper for “Automated Import System” (AIS) of the European Union

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