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Redomiciliation of a British Virgin Islands (BVI) Company to the Republic of Cyprus. Procedure of jurisdiction change

Redomiciliation (continuation) of a company means changing its country of incorporation, while keeping all existing business relations. For a company to continue in another jurisdiction, redomiciliation must be permitted by the national legislation of the country where the company is incorporated, as well as by its Memorandum and Articles of Association. By no means all countries permit redomiciliation. For example, the United Kingdom does not have such provisions in its law, thus making it impossible to transfer companies from/to this country. Cyprus permits redomiciliation in accordance with its Companies Law.

Major advantages of doing business in Cyprus

  • Not an offshore jurisdiction;
  • “Flexible” law, principles common to English law, which is an advantage when making a Shareholders Agreement between shareholders;
  • Relatively low corporate tax rate (12.5%);
  • No withholding tax on outgoing dividends;
  • No tax on incoming dividends either;
  • No capital gains tax (for example, when members withdraw from, or sell their shares in, the company);
  • Enables to create a structure where the country of incorporation, residence of director and country of the bank account coincide (requirement of most banks and counterparties);
  • Wide network of double tax treaties;
  • Enables to create substance and acquire a tax resident status, which has become a vital element of international taxation.

Time frame for redomiciliation of an overseas company to Cyprus

Redomiciliation of companies to Cyprus – from 2 months;

Account opening at a Cyprus bank– from 1 month (for companies with substance).

Transferring an overseas company to Сyprus

Step-by-step guide to the procedure

1. Check the current company name with the Cyprus Registrar of Companies for availability. The name cannot coincide with the name of any existing company in Cyprus. If there is a match, the current company name must be changed.

2. Prepare in the BVI a set of company documents required for the change of jurisdiction to Cyprus:

  • Shareholders Resolution to redomicile the company (notarized and apostilled);
  • Directors Resolution to redomicile the company (notarized and apostilled);
  • Letter of instruction from the ultimate beneficial owner;
  • Letters of notification to the creditors and members of the intention to redomicile the company;
  • Publication in the Gazette (local official newspaper) of notice of intent to redomicile the company;
  • Filing of a notice with the BVI Registrar that the publication has been made and all necessary notifications have been sent out;
  • Certificate of Incorporation (duplicate certified by the BVI Registrar and apostilled);
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association (duplicate certified by the BVI Registrar and apostilled);
  • Certificate of Good Standing issued in the BVI – not older than 3 months (apostilled original);
  • Certificate of Incumbency issued in the BVI – not older than 3 months (notarized and apostilled original);
  • Special Certificate confirming the company can continue outside the BVI (apostilled original);
  • Register of Directors (certified by registered agent, notarized and apostilled);
  • Register of Shareholders (certified by registered agent, notarized and apostilled);
  • Legal Opinion (original signed by a BVI practicing lawyer / registered agent) confirming that:

"(a) the application to transfer the corporate seat of the companies to Cyprus is permitted by the laws of BVI; and

(b) the consent of the shareholders, creditors, workers and/or debenture holders of the companies has been taken by such manner or proportion as required by the laws of BVI"

3. Prepare a set of documents in Cyprus:

• Affidavit from the Directors of the company sworn before court and apostilled, confirming:

  1. сompany name;
  2. jurisdiction where the company is incorporated;
  3. incorporation date;
  4. confirmation that the company is not involved in any legal proceedings;
  5. confirmation of solvency of the company and containing the copy of the notice given to the Registrar in the country of incorporation of the company’s intention to transfer to Cyprus;

• Register of Directors signed by the secretary and a Cypriot lawyer;

• Register of Shareholders signed by the secretary and the Cypriot lawyer;

• Memorandum & Articles of Association (English and Greek) – submitted unsigned;

• Form НЕ 2 - in the case of company name change;

• Translation into Greek of all documents, including those at point 2.

4. File the set of documents with the Cyprus Registrar of Companies.

5. Obtain a Temporary Certificate of Continuation from the Cyprus Registrar of Companies which confirms that the BVI company is temporarily registered in Cyprus and can complete deregistration in the country of incorporation within 6 months.

6. In order to complete the redomiciliation (“discontinuation”), submit to the BVI Registrar of Corporate Affairs copies of documents certified by the registered agent:

  • Temporary Certificate of Continuation issued in Cyprus;
  • Affidavit from the Director;
  • Resolution of Shareholder(s);
  • Resolution of Director(s);
  • Special Certificate.

7. Obtain from the BVI Registrar of Corporate Affairs a Certificate of Discontinuance.

8. Cypriot lawyer submits to the Cyprus Registrar of Companies the original Certificate of Discontinuance, apostilled and translated into Greek, within 6 months of the date of issue of ерк Temporary Certificate of Continuation, together with Form ME4.

9. The Cyprus Registrar of Companies issues a Certificate of Continuation (in English and Greek) confirming the completion of the transfer of an overseas company to Cyprus.

10. Obtain from the Cyprus Registrar of Companies certificates of registered office, directors, shareholders, and the new Memorandum & Articles of Association.

The overall redomiciliation time is from two months on average.

Restrictions when changing the jurisdiction to Cyprus

  1. A company must be in good standing.
  2. A company must not be struck off the register of the previous country before the Cyprus Registrar issues a Temporary Certificate of Continuation. Otherwise, the Cyprus Registrar has a full right to cancel the application of the company for its transfer to Cyprus.
  3. A company cannot be in liquidation.
  4. A company cannot be redomiciled if any insolvency or execution proceedings have been initiated against it and/or any legal proceedings have been commenced against it regarding the contravention of laws of the country of its incorporation.

Financial Statements and Audit

As Cyprus companies are required to prepare and file financial statements, we recommend that once a decision is made to transfer the company to Cyprus, prepare management accounts and company books up to the date of redomiciliation. The management accounts and accounting records made up to the date of change of the company’s jurisdiction will show the incoming balances, which will reduce future accounting and audit costs. In addition, BVI companies are required to prepare simplified financial statements (Annual Financial Returns) from 1 January 2023.


Fees (EUR prices are shown without Cyprus VAT)**
Supporting the company’s redomiciliation from the BVI, including the preparation of a set of documents to change the jurisdiction to Cyprus (outgoing part)
EUR 5 800***
BVI government fees for redomiciliation (including the obtaining of a Certificate of Discontinuance in the BVI)
USD 2 750
Publication in a BVI local newspaper
USD 350
Filing the change of the company’s status with BVI BOSS System
USD 165
Supporting the company’s redomiciliation to Cyprus (incoming part), not including the preparation of management accounts, Annual Government Levy or registered office for the company
EUR 6 500
Annual Government Levy
This is the amount of Annual Government Levy net of late payment penalties
(cancelled from 2024, but for 2011 - 2023 continues to apply)
Registered office in Cyprus for the first year, including secretary
EUR 1 200
Compliance fee
Payable in the cases of:
- incorporation of a company,
- renewal of a company,
- liquidation of a company,
- transfer out of a company,
- issue of a power of attorney to a new attorney,
-change of director / shareholder / beneficial owner, except the change to a nominee director / shareholder,
- signing of documents.
EUR 350 (standard rate, includes the check of 1 individual),
+ EUR 150 for each additional individual (director, shareholder, or beneficial owner) or legal entity (director or shareholder) if such legal entity is administered by GSL,
+ EUR 200 for each additional legal entity (director or shareholder) if such legal entity is not administered by GSL,
EUR 450 (rate for high-risk companies, includes the check of 1 individual),
100 (signing of documents).
Preparing management accounts up to the date of transfer of the company to Cyprus
USD 100 – 400 / hour
(based on time spent)
from 17 100 EUR

*The fees are valid as at April 2024.

**The invoices will include 19% VAT on the services rendered, except Annual Government Levy and tax payments.

***The fee is indicative. The final cost of redomiciliation of the company to Cyprus and preparation of the necessary set of documents will depend on the policies and requirements of the registered agent that administers the company in the country of incorporation.

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