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Payment terms

Payment of GSL Group Companies, including G.S.L. LAW & CONSULTING (BVI) LIMITED and ESTERAMIS PROFESSIONAL SERVICES LTD (“GSL”) invoices may be made by credit card or by transfer to GSL's designated bank account. For all payments, particularly those made by bank transfer, sufficient details (invoice number, company name and copy of bank payment slip) must be provided to GSL by email to our to match the payment with the invoice. Any loss incurred as a result of GSL being unable to identify the payment or additional costs, including bank charges, costs or reinstatement or restoration of companies, will be the client’s sole liability and not GSL's responsibility.

If document already prepared for the matter, we'll charge document preparation fee - even the instruction is cancelled; Document preparation fee varies according to the number of document prepared and we will charge back a preparation fee / cancellation fee.

All payments should be made payable to GSL or according to the payment method.

For certain jurisdictions, we need to hold on our files at the time of sale of each company, due diligence ("DD") or know your client ("KYC") information in accordance with the requirements of the Government of the jurisdictions where the relevant company is incorporated. Accordingly, the sale of a company in those relevant jurisdictions, details of which will be provided to you in advance, is conditional on the relevant DD/KYC requirements being complied with. Failure to comply with these conditions could affect the continued legal operation of the company.

An administration charge is imposed on change of administrator / change of company secretary..

All matters and disputes will be subject to the final decision of GSL.

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