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Turnkey incorporation is your easiest and most convenient way to launch your business, without getting bogged down by formalities.

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Turnkey incorporation is your easiest and most convenient way to launch your business, without getting bogged down by formalities.

What is turnkey incorporation?
Getting incorporated turnkey means that we take care of all procedures to get your company on the corporate and fiscal registers. You need only to receive a set of your corporate documents from us after the job is done. You won’t need to visit any government offices in person, wait in any lines, or struggle with any official forms.
Why won’t I incorporate on my own?
You sure can. But different jurisdictions have different requirements and procedures, and there’s a good deal of local nuance nobody is going to forewarn you about. Language barrier can become a critical obstacle in its own right. So, if you want to get down to business as soon as possible, without being distracted from making profits, it’s a much better option to let your incorporation be handled by an experienced team of dedicated professionals.
Is it even possible, to set up a company turnkey? Am I not supposed to visit government offices in person?
In most cases, it’s not a must. Almost all countries have remote incorporation options, which we can navigate you through. You’ll only need to sign basic corporate documents, clear our identification and Due Diligence: tell us in detail about your business, your partners, and the source of your funds.
What exactly is the service package for turnkey incorporation?
Getting your company on the corporate register, obtaining a tax ID for it (if it’s mandatory in the jurisdiction), making a set of corporate documents and an extra set of apostilled copies thereof. We also offer nominee director and shareholder services. Should you purchase them, the documents of your nominees come along as a part of the deal.
Do you have any shelf companies? These seem to be the fastest turnkey solutions
We still do, but this vehicle is becoming obsolete. Due to new legal requirements in most jurisdictions, setting up a new company turnkey has become much easier and cheaper than purchasing a shelf company.
Once you set up a company turnkey for me, would I have to manage it on my own from then on?
You absolutely wouldn’t. We provide a whole range of services including incorporation, ongoing support, maintaining in good standing, as well as accounting services such as keeping your books, auditing them, and submitting them to tax authorities.
Is opening a bank account a part of turnkey incorporation? Can you guarantee that a bank will open an account for me?
No. No consulting company can guarantee that. New customer onboarding policy is exclusively at any particular bank’s discretion, as is enforced by its Compliance department. Any bank reserves a right for itself to decline your application at any stage, without telling you why. We can assist you in preparing your application and know how to maximize your chances for success. Still more, we have a payment option for bank applications where you pay stage by stage to hedge you from extra costs should your application be declined early. But we won’t give you unrealistic promises.
In what countries can I set up a company turnkey?
There’s a plenty of them. We operate in dozens of jurisdictions and have our own offices in another dozen of them.
What country is the best for me to register a company turnkey?
There’s no single right answer to this question. All depends on the nature of your activity, your budget, your priorities, your cash flow, the peculiar needs of the beneficial owner, on whether you’re going to set up a real office in the country of incorporation, and a few other crucial factors.
Do you only set up companies turnkey, or can you advise me on what jurisdiction to choose and how to run my corporate vehicle?
Quite naturally, we’d be glad to help you. Our experienced advisors will help you to choose the best country, entity type and structure. They will draft a Shareholders Agreement and a Memorandum of Association for you to make sure your assets are secure and your cash flow is not compromised. We offer only individual, tailor-made solutions purpose-built for your business and your priorities.
I want to rent a real office and hire employees in the country of my new company. Is it covered by turnkey incorporation?
We offer a range of office and HR solutions for your new company, and would be glad to discuss your project.
I’ve seen a few offers to set up a company turnkey. Why should I choose you in the end?
The choice is always yours. But we’d like to highlight it that experience and versatility are our strongest points. We have been in corporate services for more than 20 years, all over the world. In the most popular jurisdictions, we have our own offices and don’t have to rely on intermediaries and subcontractors. Unlike most of our rivals, we don’t offer incorporation alone (which is the easiest, most mechanical stage of your international business journey). We will be happy to advise you on tax and legal matters at every stage of your project, to offer you accounting services, assist your with opening a bank (or EMI) account, translate and have legalized your corporate documents, help you with setting up economic substance or meeting any other need of your international business.

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