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Offshore and International Law

What is considered an offshore company?

Offshore company registration:


All about offshore in Panama: Registration of Panamanian companies, bank accounts in Panama, taxes in Panama, and much more


All about offshore in Ireland: Registration of Irish companies, bank accounts in Ireland, taxes in Ireland and much more


Everything about offshore in Hong Kong: Registration of Hong Kong companies, bank accounts in Hong Kong, taxes in Hong Kong and many others.


All about offshore in Gibraltar: Registration of Gibraltar companies, bank accounts in Gibraltar, taxes in Gibraltar, and much more


British Virgin Islands: companies on the BVI, cost, corporate documents, legislation etc.


Everything about offshore in Belize: Registration of Belizean companies, bank accounts in Belize, taxes in Belize and much more


All about offshore in Cyprus: Registration of Cyprus companies, accounts in Cyprus banks, Cyprus taxes etc.


All about offshore in the Bahamas: Registration of companies in the Bahamas, bank accounts in the Bahamas, taxes in the Bahamas and much more


All about offshore in Singapore: Registration of companies in Singapore, bank accounts in Singapore, taxes in Singapore, and much more


All about offshore in Malta: Registration of companies in Malta, bank accounts in Malta, taxes in Malta and much more


All about offshore in the Seychelles: Registration of companies in the Seychelles, bank accounts in Seychelles, taxes in the Seychelles and much more


All about offshore in the Cayman Islands: Registration of companies in the Cayman Islands, bank accounts in the Cayman Islands, taxes in the Cayman Islands and much more


United Kingdom: companies in England, the value of companies in the UK, corporate documents of English companies, UK law


All about offshore in Luxembourg: Registration of companies in Luxembourg, bank accounts in Luxembourg, taxes in Luxembourg and much more


Everything about offshore in the Netherlands: Registration of Dutch companies, bank accounts in the Netherlands, taxes in the Netherlands and much more


All about offshore in Switzerland: Registration of Swiss companies, bank accounts in Switzerland, taxes in Switzerland and much more

Saint Kitts and Nevis

All about offshore on Nevis: Registration of companies on Nevis, bank accounts in Nevis, taxes in Nevis and much more

New Zealand

Everything about offshore in New Zealand: Registration of New Zealand companies, bank accounts in New Zealand, taxes in New Zealand and much more

Banks for settlement operations

Двигайте таблицу
Bank's name Country Cost, $ Opening term, days Departure to the bank
BlueOrange (formerly Baltikums Bank) Latvia 1210 case by case No
Cyprus Development Bank (cdbbank) Cyprus 1335 case by case No
China Construction Bank (Asia) Hong-Kong 3030 case by case Yes
DSK Bank Bulgaria 2420 case by case No
NIBank (National Investment Bank) Mongolia case by case No

More banks...

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