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Company registration in Romania. Micro-enterprise regime

A company in Romania is an alternative to offshore companies. Company registration procedure, corporate structure, collection of necessary documents and annual administration.

Major advantages of doing business in Romania

Attractive conditions for small businesses with annual revenue of up to 500 000 EUR (this criteria comes into force from the 1st January, 2023 - before that the admissible amount was 1 000 000 EUR per year);

Positive image of a European jurisdiction;

Not on any offshore blacklists;

Quick company registration;

Small statutory share capital of just EUR 50;

Local bank account can be opened, with trouble-free transfers to/from offshores;

Quick and affordable creation of substance in the country of registration;

1% corporate tax (for companies with annual revenue of up to 500 000 EUR). It is required that the company have at least 1 full-time employee. The employee can also be the same as the director of the company;

Large network of double tax treaties.

Time frame for setting up business in Romania

Company registration within 2 weeks;

Local bank account opening from 2 weeks.

Romanian company registration procedure

1. You need to decide on:

1. Company name to be checked for its availability (at least two names), such name:

  • must not be identical or similar to the name of an existing company, even phonetically (ex: music – miuzic);
  • must end with a suffix denoting the type of entity (SRL);

2. Сompany structure (administrator, members/associates known also as share-holders); The director of the company can also be a shareholder in the same company. The director must be a physical person. Shareholders can be either physical persons or companies. Shareholders can own more than 25% of the shares in maximum 3 different companies;

3. Registered office address;

4. Share capital and distribution of shares between members (RON 200, or appr. EUR 50);

5. Activity and geography of business. Indication of the main activity and also secondary activities.

2. Payment of fees. At this stage, not only do you need to pay the fees of the registering person (lawyer handling the company registration), but also leave a deposit to cover other expenses, such as notary fees, registration fees, etc.

3. You need to provide documents for administrators / members / attorneys:

  • internal and international passports;
  • proof of address (unless the internal passport contains an address stamp).

4. Payment of share capital. Money can be deposited either by the shareholders themselves, or by direct wire transfer to a temporary bank account or to the account of the agent handling the registration. The share capital later becomes available for use. Due to a small statutory share capital (appr. EUR 50) it is paid in by the registering agent.

5. Preparing a package of documents for company registration, having the documents signed by directors and members.

To prepare the constitutive documents, it is necessary to provide the following:

  • Confirmation of company name reservation at the Trade Register;
  • Constitutive documents signed by members;
  • Confirmation of depositing the share capital in a bank account;
  • Notarized Declaration by administrator and members of compliance with requirements for administrator and members;
  • Notarized specimen signature card with administrator’s signature;
  • Proof of company having an office to conduct business (lease agreement);
  • Declaration stating the company’s business activity;
  • Due Diligence documents: administration contract, questionnaire, AML declaration.

If a member of the company is a legal entity, then additional documents will be necessary to disclose the entity’s structure and individuals within it:

  • Extract from the trade register specifying the entity’s structure;
  • Resolution of member to form a subsidiary in Romania;
  • Power of attorney authorizing to sign the constitutive documents and make necessary filings;
  • Reference letter from a bank where the entity holds an account.

Company registration documents in Romania are filed in the Romanian language only. The fees for translation, notarization, legalization and apostille are charged additionally.

6. Filing a company registration application with the Trade Register. After receiving and processing the application, the Registry issues a Certificate of Incorporation. The share capital is now deemed to be unlocked.

The overall time to register a Romanian company is 2 weeks, on average.



The affairs of a limited liability company in Romania are managed by the director (administrator).

The administrator can only be an individual (either resident or non-resident in Romania). The minimum number of administrators is 1. The same individual can be both administrator and member (shareholder).

Members (shareholders/asociati)

The minimum number of shareholders / members in a company is 1; they can be individuals or legal entities; there are no statutory requirements as to their residency. The maximum number of members is 50. However, shareholders can own more than 25% of the shares in maximum 3 differ-ent companies.

Share capital

The minimum share capital is RON 200 (appr. EUR 50) divided into shares of min. RON 10 (appr. EUR 3) each. It must be paid up by the time of filing the company for registration.

Registered office

Every company in Romania must have a registered office in the country of incorpora-tion. We also assist with setting up an office and establishing substance in Romania.

Micro-enterprise regime. Can a micro-enterprise be regarded an “EU offshore”?

Romania has the most attractive tax regime for small businesses in the EU. A company is regarded a micro-enterprise if its revenue in the past years did not exceed 500 000 EUR.

The corporate tax rate will be:

1%, tax rate and the company has to have mandatory at least one full-time employee;
To identify the company’s tax burden, we recommend seeking tax advice only from an authorized expert accountant (which can be arranged upon request).


Fees (EUR)

Company registration in Romania and 1st year of administration

Total cost of a limited liability company incorporation with one shareholder and standard Articles of Association (including preparation and provision of original constitutive documents, compliance fee, and a company seal)
3 850
Minimum share capital
Local bank account opening
1 050
Registered office for the 1st year: physical office lease**
3 960
Preparing and filing financial statements
100 – 400 / hour
(depending on time spent)

Annual renewal of the company

Annual renewal of the company, including registered office for a year: physical office lease***
4 950
Compliance fee
Payable in the cases of:
- renewal of a company,
- liquidation of a company,
- transfer out of a company,
- issue of a power of attorney to a new attorney,
- change of director/shareholder/beneficial owner, except the change to a nominee director/shareholder)
250 (standard rate – includes the check of 1 individual);
+ 50 for each additional individual (director, shareholder, or beneficial owner) or legal entity (director or shareholder) if such legal entity is administered by GSL;
+ 100 for each additional legal entity (director or shareholder) if such legal entity is not administered by GSL;
350 (rate for High Risk companies, including the check of 1 individual)
Preparing and filing financial statements
100 – 400 / hour
(depending on time spent)

*The fees do not include 19% VAT, which may arise under certain conditions. Please refer to the consultants of GSL Law & Consulting for details.

**This fee is not inclusive of physical placement of any employees in the office. However, such placement is possible; the terms, cost and format should be agreed with the consultants of GSL Law & Consulting.

***This fee is not inclusive of physical placement of any employees in the office. However, such placement is possible; the terms, cost and format should be agreed with the consultants of GSL Law & Consulting.

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