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Establishing a Seychelles trust. Service offer

The establishment and subsequent operation of a Seychelles trust is governed by the Trusts Act, 2021. The main constitutive document of a trust is a Trust Deed which is subject to filing. A Seychelles trust can be an effective asset protection and estate planning.

Advantages of a trust in Seychelles

the assets of a trust do not belong to the settlor and are therefore not part of his estate upon death;

beneficiaries have no title to the assets of a trust until distribution;

the transfer of property to a trust is not made invalid by the settlor’s bankruptcy (with some exceptions);

the value of the initial assets of a trust must be at least USD 1, and almost any assets can be included;

flexible management mechanism, ability to appoint Protector;

details of beneficiaries are not publicly available.

Stages of registering a Seychelles trust

  1. name check (at least two names);
  2. determining the structure of a trust (Settlor, Trustee, Protector, Beneficiaries);
  3. determining the duties and powers of all the persons, profit distribution terms etc.;
  4. drafting and agreeing the Trust Deed;
  5. signing documents and filing the package of documents for registration.

The registration time is from 2 weeks depending on the structure and complexity of the Trust Deed.

Trusts registered under the Seychelles Trusts Act, 2021 are not subject to tax in Seychelles.

Register of Beneficial Owners

Seychelles legislation requires trusts to maintain a register of beneficial owners of the trust and keep it at the registered office of the trustee. The register is NOT public.

Financial summary and accounting records

A trust must, within 6 months of the end of its financial year, prepare an annual financial summary*, which will be kept at the trustee’s registered office in the Seychelles.

Additionally, a trust is required to submit accounting records (bank statements, contracts, invoices and other documentation on the trust’s transactions) to its Seychelles trustee at least every six months. A trust must also be able to provide these documents to Seychelles government authorities upon request. A trust is required to keep books of accounts and retain accounting records for at least 7 years. Accounting books are NOT public.

*For more information on the requirement to keep accounting records and prepare financials, please contact your consultant.


Governed by
the Trusts Act, 2021.
Registered agent in the country of registration
Type of licence
Trust services in accordance with the International Corporate Service Providers Act, 2003.
Objects. What goals achieves?
Asset protection.
Estate planning.
What activity can carry on?
- Managing and distributing assets to beneficiaries, or achieving a prescribed goal.
- May not carry on any business in Seychelles.
Constitutive documents
- Trust Deed – a mandatory document.
At least one.
No requirements.
Individuals / legal entities permitted
Whether can act in other capacity
Can act as one of the beneficiaries (but not as sole beneficiary).
At least one.
Seychelles resident (with ICSP licence)
Individuals / legal entities permitted
One or more.
No requirements.
Individuals / legal entities permitted
At least one.
No requirements.
Individuals / legal entities permitted
Only individuals.
Whether can act in other capacity
Settlor can act as one of the beneficiaries (but not as sole beneficiary).


Fee (USD)
Establishing a Seychelles trust, including the drafting of the Trust Deed
8 500
Government fee
Trustee services for 1 year

Do not include:
- making of powers of attorney,
- courier shipments,
- account opening and operation, etc.

Charged based on time spent.

from 7 500
Deposit for keeping accounting documentation and preparing basic financials
1 500
(preparation of financials is invoiced based on the time spent at rates USD 200 – USD 400 / hour)
Compliance fee
Payable in the cases of:
- registration of a trust,
- annual renewal of a trust,
- liquidation of a trust,
- transfer out of a trust,
- change of protector, beneficiary.
from 780
For signing of documents by the trustee (per document)

[1] The fees are valid as of December 2023.

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