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Obtaining а DIGITAL NOMAD VISA (Visitor category) in Cyprus. Service offer

A Digital Nomad Visa is a tourist visa that gives one the right to stay permanently in Cyprus for 1 year and at the same time work / do your own business remotely.

Key features of a digital nomad visa

The visa is given for 1 year and then can be renewed, with a maximum period of 3 years.

The visa allows living in Cyprus without the right to work in Cyprus, and the applicant must confirm that he has a source of regular income that is not related to Cyprus.

The application and documents for obtaining a visitor visa for family members (spouse and child) can be submitted simultaneously with the main applicant (sponsor).

The processing time is about 3-4 weeks, depending on the workload at the migration department, however, one can legally stay in Cyprus once the documents are submitted.

What is necessary to apply for this visa

1. Proof of having sufficient funds – a regular income to cover living expenses while in the country, without recourse to the national social security system.

The sufficient funds are set as the sum of EUR 3,500 per month and can be confirmed by a bank statement. This minimum amount is net income after payment of required taxes in the country of employment.
If family members are applying too, the amount increases by 20% for a spouse/partner and by 15% for each minor child.

2. Employment agreement or other proof of employment.

3. Health insurance and medical tests in Cyprus.

4. Clean criminal record certificate from the country of residence.

5. Lease agreement for a property in Cyprus.


No need to open an account in Cyprus! With Nomad, one is NOT required to deposit money in a Cyprus account. It is possible to open a Cyprus bank account after the visa is issued.

Quick assessment of the application: 3-4 weeks from the date of application.


The quota of 500 permits was reached in March 2023, only renewal of valid visas is possible. There are no plans to keep the programme going.

A residence permit implies that the applicant will mostly be in Cyprus during the permit term. The rules state that the permit will be cancelled if a foreign citizen is away (outside Cyprus) for more than 90 consecutive days, but it does not specify how many days a year a foreign citizen must stay in Cyprus. In practice, this is at least six months[1].

Fees for basic services[2]

The GSL fee for obtaining a temporary residence permit of the Visitor category for the main applicant is EUR 2,500.

The fee includes:

  • contacting the bank for obtaining a bank guarantee letter;
  • contacting the insurance company for taking out health insurance;
  • certifying the lease agreement;
  • advising on and assisting with filling in the application, preparing a package of documents for submission;
  • making a power of attorney for submitting the application;
  • submitting the application by power of attorney (Nicosia);
  • accompanying the client to the migration department for photo taking and fingerprinting.

The fee does not include:

  • government fee for issuing a permit – EUR 140 (1 person), renewal – EUR 70;
  • health insurance premium (EUR 190);
  • medical tests in Cyprus (EUR 65);
  • accountant’s advice on avoiding double taxation of salary income in the country of the employer and in Cyprus;
  • services of finding a property – they are paid for separately, the fee being 1 monthly rent.

There is an additional fee for obtaining a visa for family members:

  • a visa for a spouse – EUR 1,250,
  • a visa for 1 child – EUR 350.
Fees (EUR)[3]
Assistance with obtaining a Digital Nomad Visa (Visitor category):
- for the main applicant
- for a spouse
- for a child

2 500
1 250

Assistance with opening a Cyprus bank account
1 335
Renewal of a Digital Nomad Visa for 1 or 2 years
1 500

[1] The migration department may refuse to renew a visa if it thinks the applicant was away too often and spent little time in Cyprus in the previous period, although in practice such cases are rare.

[2] The fees are valid as of June 2023.

[3] 19% VAT not included.

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