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Obtaining a Cyprus residence permit for family members (Family Reunification – Spouse and Child). Service offer

The application and documents for obtaining a Cyprus residence permit for family members (spouse and child) within the scope of family reunification can be submitted after the main applicant (sponsor) has been granted a residence and work permit.
The first residence permit is issued for a period of 1 year. Upon expiry, it is renewed for the period matching that of the residence and work permit of the main applicant (sponsor).

Fees for basic services*

Fees (EUR)
Assistance with obtaining a Cyprus residence permit for a spouse
EUR 1 800 + VAT
Assistance with obtaining a Cyprus residence permit for 1 child
EUR 350 + VAT
Renewal of a Cyprus residence permit for a spouse and/or child
EUR 1 000 + VAT

The fee includes:

  • advice on obtaining a permit;
  • preparing and checking the package of documents (including filling in the application, certifying the apartment lease agreement, certifying the employment agreement of the main applicant, paying the government fee for issuing a residence permit and registration, certifying Mantoux test results for a child);
  • obtaining a bank guarantee letter;
  • taking out health insurance;
  • advice on and assistance with filling in the application, preparing a complete package of documents;
  • submitting documents to the migration department by power of attorney;
  • obtaining an Alien Registration Certificate (ARC) and a Visitor visa (“pink slip”).
The fee does not include the cost of a bank guarantee letter (EUR 550), or health insurance (approx. EUR 200), or medical tests (EUR 65), or stamp duty (depends on the annual rent and salary), or the government fee; they are payable separately.

The government fee for issuing a permit for 1 family member is EUR 270, the government fee for renewal is EUR 200.

Supporting documents for issuing a temporary residence permit for spouses and children

  • Copy of the international passport with pages showing a Cyprus entry stamp and valid for at least the requested visa period.
  • Clean criminal record certificate for a spouse and children over 16 years of age.
  • 10-year bank guarantee covering possible repatriation costs of EUR 350-850 per person, including children. The amount depends on the country of citizenship; for Russian citizens, the guarantee amount is EUR 550.
  • Health insurance covering the applicant’s possible outpatient and inpatient care (Plan A), valid for 1 year. The price starts from EUR 190.
  • Medical certificate with negative test results for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and C, as well as a certificate of passing a chest X-ray in Cyprus (for children under 6 years of age – certification of Mantoux test results).
  • Lease agreement or a deed of title to a property that the prospective employee will live in. This document is certified by a local mukhtar (head of the local community in city districts).
  • Employment agreement with a company for a period of at least 18 months.
  • Marriage certificate, the couple must be married at least 1 year.
  • Birth certificate (for a child’s visa).
  • Forms signed by the sponsor.
  • Sponsor’s utility (phone, electricity or water) bills.
  • Sponsor’s Income Tax Returns, for all years of residence in the Republic.
  • Sponsor’s certificate of contributions to the Social Insurance Fund, for all years of residence in the Republic – Form YKA B-9.
  • Sponsor’s Income Declaration, for sources of income other than employment, if applicable, accompanied by affidavit.
  • Sponsor’s bank accounts’ statements.
  • Authorisation for payment by bank transfer (FIMAS).
  • Authorisation for representative (power of attorney).

*The fees are valid as of June 2023.

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