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Obtaining a residence permit in Hungary on the basis of doing business. Service offer

A foreign entrepreneur who owns a Hungarian company and actively participates in the management of the business may be granted a residence permit in Hungary.

In order to obtain a residence permit it is required

to register a company that will conduct real business activities in Hungary;

to prepare a business plan which would justify the viability of the enterprise and the possibility of its successful operation;

to open a company office in Hungary and employ three European Union citizens on a full-time basis; requirements for job titles and salary amounts are not specified.

List of documents for application

  • completed application;
  • photo in color;
  • valid foreign passport;
  • CV;
  • documents confirming conducting business in Hungary: company's constituent documents, business plan indicating expected annual income, documents from a Hungarian bank confirming the availability of funds in the company account;
  • document confirming the availability of housing in Hungary (lease agreement, title deeds, etc.);
  • medical insurance;
  • certificate of no criminal record;
  • documents confirming the availability of funds from the applicant, e.g., a bank reference.
The Migration Service may request additional documents.

Procedure and timeframes for obtaining a residence permit.

Before submitting an application for a residence permit, the company must conduct business activities (open an office, employ local citizens) for at least 3 months. Processing of a residence permit takes about 3 more months.

Thus, the entire procedure (including company registration) will take about 6.5 - 7 months.

An application for a residence permit for family members can be submitted after the main applicant receives a residence permit.

The application is submitted to the Hungarian consulate in the country of permanent residence of the applicant.

The residence permit is valid for 1 year. After the first year, the residence permit can be extended for 3 years and later for the same period.

Cost of our services*

Services for assistance in obtaining a residence permit – EUR 8 500

Costs associated with employing three European Union citizens – starting from EUR 25 000 per year (depending on the duties of employees).

*The cost of services is valid as of September 2023.

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