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Registration of a Societe Civile Particuliere (SCP) in Monaco. Service offer

Monegasque SCPs are non-commercial organizations that enjoy a number of tax benefits due to a special tax regime. They are mostly used to purchase, hold and rent out immovable property, hold shares / interest in other companies and own intellectual property


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  2. Fees[1]


It must have at least two partners. The liability of partners is unlimited

It is incorporated by signing the Articles of the Partnership, which are its main constitutive document. Registration at the state register is necessary

There is a simplified procedure for selling immovable property if the transaction is structured through the sale of interest in the Partnership: notarial deed is not required unlike in the case of a direct sale

There are a number of tax benefits for tax residents of France who form a Monegasque SCP

There are no requirements for the minimum share capital

The manager (Gérant) must be resident in either Monaco or France

There are no requirements for the residency of partners. They can be either individuals or legal entities


Fees (EUR)
Total cost of incorporation (including preparation of standard articles and a set of documents for incorporation in the French language, registration at the state register)
Registered office in Monaco or France, per year
Professional director, a resident of Monaco or France, per year* *The fees are agreed individually and depend on the business and structure of the Partnership. Local directors do not issue general powers of attorney and ask to have an access to the bank account to oversee the company’s business operations. Directors also issue quarterly invoices for administration of the company based on the time spent (from EUR 1600 per month additionally)
from 4500
Bank account opening (depends on the country and particular bank)
from 1100
Preparation of accounts
fees are agreed individually for each financial year and depend on the scope of business operations

[1] The fees are valid as at September 2021

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