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How to open a bank account in Raiffeisen Privatbank Liechtenstein AG

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GSL reference about the bank

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The Austrian bank group Raiffeisen is well known in Russia, CIS countries and all over Eastern Europe. It is also known for offering settlement banking services in its Vienna head office.
However, the bank’s investment services are provided through subsidiary financial institutes situated both in Austria and other European countries. Such as this particular bank

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    Bank's characteristics

    General information and rating

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    Global rating Countrywide rating Countrywide rating of the head bank Global rating of the head bank Credit rating
    4 576 8 N/R
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    Year of foundation 1998
    History It emerged in 1998 as a result of merger of two Austrian Raiffeisen banks (Kleinwalsertal AG and Vorarlberg). The head bank in Kleinwalsertal, the Austria’s largest Raiffeisen bank, was founded in 1894 and by the end of 2004 had assets worth of 2.3 billion EUR under its management. It won many awards and holds top positions in the ranking of renowned asset management companies
    Personnel Presently, there is 41 employee in the bank. The employees speak Russian, English and German.
    Bank’s shareholders Walser Privatbank Aktiengesellschaft (Riezlern Austria) - 75%; Raiffeisenlandesbank Vorarlberg Waren- und Revisionsverband rGmbH (Bregenz Austria) - 25%
    Confidentiality AML legislation is strictly observed; Active member of OECD, FATF, Basel Commitee, Egmont Group etc.

    Minimum requirements

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    Minimum balance, € Transactions permitted per month Initial deposit of funds, € Deadline for the initial deposit, month Minimum turnover, €/year
    0 0 100 000 3
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    Initial deposit of funds, € 100 000 ЕURO
    How fast payments are executed Банк готов обсуждать специальные условия по исполнению платежей

    Tariffs and services

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    Outcoming transfer, € Incoming transfer, € Account maintenance, €/year Payment limit for credit cards, €/day Funds to be blocked for CC issue, €
    0 0 225 0 0
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    Account maintenance, €/year Управление счетом - 280 СHF (ежегодно)
    Distant access to the account Upon agreement: by phone, fax, or personally
    Financial products Investments in securities of world’s leading banks and joint stock company (bonds, shares, debentures, and certificates); lombard credits; private insurance programmes
    Credit/debit cards MasterCard ЕURO, USD, CHF (для счетов физических лиц), ЕURO, CHF (для счетов компаний)

    Account opening procedure

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    Days to open for incoming transfers Days to open for outcoming transfers References Business description Purpose of the account
    14 14 Not necessary Detailed Savings
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    Visit to the bank Not required, but recommendable. The bank’s officer visits Moscow every month
    Required Passport, documents to confirm the source of funds (for example, balance sheet or tax return), company documents
    Types of accounts Personal; Corporate; Savings
    Opening procedure and Due Diligence It is possible to open an account without visiting the country where the bank is located; It is possible to open an account without meeting the banker
    Chances to open an account Predictable
    Business description Описание деятельности достаточно подробное: должны быть представлены документы об источниках доходов (например, баланс, налоговая декларация)
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