Service packages

Service item Express Standard Optimum
Company registration
Legal address per year
Secretarial services for the first year
Fees and duties for the first year
Apostilled bound set of incorporation documents
Nominee service per year
Bank Account Pre-approval
Price 27 850 USD 27 850 USD 28 350 USD

    Core Services

    The cost for incorporation of the company (AB) in Sweden including the corporate legal service for the second year is 24 350 USD (19 450 EUR):

    25000 EUR

    — Incorporation of AB in Sweden

    (including the preparation of basic set of documents for registration, registration of board of directors and accountant(s) incl. registration office fees, entries in the share register, first sending of corporate documents)

    17000 EUR

    — Corporate legal services per year

    (including: registered address, one nominee board member and one nominee deputy director, Bank Account, Correspondence with the Tax Agency and the Companies Registration Office, Documented board meetings and general meetings, Other corporate matters)

    1900 EUR

    — Open account in Bank

    840 USD

    — Apostilled set of documents

    400 USD

    — Apostilled set of Statutory documents

    Basic set of documents

    • Memorandum of Association

      It includes details of how much is to be paid for each share, company name, information about the members of the Board of Directors, Deputies, Auditors
    • Articles of Association

      It includes company name, address of the registered office, object of business, share capital, company's structure
    • Power of Attorney

      It is issued to perform the registration procedure by legal representative

    Optional services

    4700 USD

    Annual accounting service

    (including: opening up and administering of the company’s bank account, invoicing and payments, current recording of transactions and financial administration, current reports of profit/loss and balance, annual reports, annual accounts and periodic reports, tax returns (incl. Value Added Tax) and income-tax returns)

    Related services

    140 USD per hour

    Scanning and sending the documents via e-mail to Russia from the registered office in Sweden

    (if it exceeds basic minimum)