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The business education market today is extremely saturated. It does not bypass the field of international tax and corporate planning. It's not easy to get a foothold on such shaky ground of highly specialized knowledge. The breadth of the line of educational products in combination with their various formats has allowed us to find our niche. We first thought about holding GSL International Conferences in 2003. To date we have held 3 international conferences in the "Business-Luxury" format in Liechtenstein, Austria, and Luxembourg with over 500 participants from 30 countries.
At the opposite end of the range of our events are "in-house" GSL master classes attended by no more than 20 people, that is as many as can comfortably fit into the conference room of our office. Such mini-seminars we hold in the form of an extended consultation. Participants can ask questions to the speaker during the presentation and thus direct the presentation towards the greatest practical interest of the listener.
Alexandr Alekseev Managing Partner of<i data-src= GSL Law & Consulting ">

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Managing Partner of GSL Law & Consulting

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As an epigraph to our business seminars I would make the words of the famous politician Dennis Healey, former Minister of Finance of Great Britain: "The difference between tax planning and tax evasion is determined by the thickness of the prison wall". Yes, it seems that this aphorism can to some extent serve as a symbol of our time...Of course, the problem of tax optimization is far from being new, and the question: "How should we proceed?" is still relevant. However, nowadays another simple question comes to the fore - "Can or can't?" Indeed, the problem of admissibility, the legitimacy of the tools (methods, schemes) used comes to the fore. Where is the boundary that separates legitimate tools of tax planning from dubious financial mechanisms? What are their differences? What are the criteria that allow concluding on the admissibility of a method? Our business events are about this and much more.
Denis Winston Healey Former Minister of Finance of the Great Britain

отвечает Denis Winston Healey

Former Minister of Finance of the Great Britain

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