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How to open a bank account in AS PNB Banka (former NORVIK BANKA)

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15 августа 2019 года Комиссия рынка финансов и капитала (КРФК) следуя решению ECB и SRB приостановила деятельность банка. Банк полностью прекращает предоставление финансовых услуг, в том числе выполнение платежей клиентов. Такое решение принято, чтобы не допустить оттока средств из банка. С этого момента действие карт, интернет-банка и банкоматов «PNB banka» прекращено.
В ближайшее время начнется выплата гарантированных возмещений (до 100 000 евро) как физическим, так и юридическим лицам по всем видам вкладов.

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    Bank's characteristics

    General information and rating

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    Global rating Countrywide rating Countrywide rating of the head bank Global rating of the head bank Credit rating
    3 310 8 B
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    Year of foundation 1992
    History The bank was founded on 29 April 1992. In 2005 it won the Latvian Bank of the Year award by the international financial magazine ‘The Banker’. ‘The Banker’ noted that the bank was specifically focused on using information technology to offer its customers a broader range of products and better solutions. In early 2006 the bank attracted reputable and professional Icelandic entrepreneurs as strategic investor. In December 2006 the bank received a new name – "NORVIK BANKA" (previously LATEKO BANKA). NORVIK BANKA has over 80 branches throughout Latvia and also has a representative office in Moscow, Russia. The bank currently employs more than 600 people. 09.11.2018 - AS PNB Banka
    Personnel The bank has Russian-speaking personnel
    Bank’s shareholders 51% of the bank’s shares are held by Straumborg ehf, a company represented by Jon Helgi Gudmundson. Another almost 40% of shares are held by the bank’s management. View Group Structure. Straumborg EHF, Kópavogur (Iceland) - 17,34%; Andrejs Svircenkovs (Latvia) - 19,31%; Jurijs Sapurovs - (Latvia) - 24,48%
    Confidentiality Judicial Cooperation Agreement with Russia is signed; Double Taxation Agreement with Russia is signed; AML legislation is strictly observed

    Minimum requirements

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    Minimum balance, € Transactions permitted per month Initial deposit of funds, € Deadline for the initial deposit, month Minimum turnover, €/year
    0 0 No restrictions
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    Transactions permitted per month The number of transactions is not limited
    Initial deposit of funds, € There is no initial deposit
    Minimum turnover, €/year There are no requirements as to the minimum turnover
    How fast payments are executed Express payment is executed during 2 hours; Urgent payment is executed on the business day when payment order is submitted to the bank; Standard payment is executed on the following business day after payment order is submitted to the bank

    Tariffs and services

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    Outcoming transfer, € Incoming transfer, € Account maintenance, €/year Payment limit for credit cards, €/day Funds to be blocked for CC issue, €
    45 0 120 1 500 2 000
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    Outcoming transfer, € Простой перевод от 80 до 100 EUR; стандартный перевод от 100 до 120 EUR; срочный перевод от 120 до 140 EUR; экспресс-перевод от 140 до 170 EUR
    Incoming transfer, € There is no charge on incoming transfers
    Account maintenance, €/year При открытии расчетного счета клиентам-нерезидентам, физическим и юридическим лицам, взимается комиссия за рассмотрение документов - 350 EUR. Банк начинает рассматривать документы потенциального клиента только после зачисления комиссии на транзитный счет Банка. Ведение счета для физических лиц - 10 EUR в месяц, для юридических - 20 EUR в месяц. Дополнительная комиссия за срочное открытие/возобновление расчетного счета (в течение двух рабочих дней с момента получения банком всех необходимых документов и информации) - 150 EUR (для физ лиц) и 300 EUR (для юр лиц). Дополнительная комиссия за обслуживание счета клиента с юридической формой Partnership (LP) - 50 EUR ежемесячно. Обслуживание неактивного счета - 100 EUR.
    Payment limit for credit cards, €/day Cirrus / Maestro / VISA Electron - 1 500 EUR per day, 22 000 EUR per month. MC Standard / VISA Classic and MC Business / VISA Business - 2 200 EUR per day, EUR 22 000 EUR per month. MC Gold / Visa Gold and MC Platinum / VISA Platinum - 3 000 EUR per day, 43 000 EUR per month
    Funds to be blocked for CC issue, € Минимальная сумма гарантийного депозита: Cirrus / Maestro / VISA Electron - 0; MC Standard / VISA Classic и MC Business / VISA Business - 2 000 EUR; MC Gold / Visa Gold - 5 000 EUR; MC Platinum / VISA Platinum - 10 000 EUR
    Distant access to the account Internet banking system called no fee for connection or subscription). Vision is a system for remote operation of bank accounts (no fee for connection, subscription fee – 22 EUR per month). Security token "DigiPass" – 35 EUR. Mobile bank called M-Banka (no fee for connection or subscription). A standard SMS to the mobile phone – EUR 0.10. In-built internet bank system called Bank Trade (for FOREX trading and currency conversions)
    Financial products The bank offers a full range of banking products, including letters of credit, guarantees, cheques, safe-deposit box rent, insurance, and broker services
    Credit/debit cards Cirrus/Maestro/VISA Electron; MC Standard/VISA Classic; MC/VISA Gold; MC/VISA Platinum. Card issue fee is from 20 EUR to 250. Cash withdrawal fee ranges from 0.4% to 2%

    Account opening procedure

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    Days to open for incoming transfers Days to open for outcoming transfers References Business description Purpose of the account
    case by case case by case Not necessary Detailed Current
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    Visit to the bank Not required (the bank has a representative office in Moscow)
    Required Photocopies of constitutive documents of the company, photocopy of director’s/ attorney’s passport
    Types of accounts Personal; Corporate; Current
    Opening procedure and Due Diligence It is possible to open an account without visiting the country where the bank is located
    Chances to open an account Predictable
    Business description Relatively detailed: in addition to the description of the business, the origin of funds needs to be disclosed
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