GSL / Alina Marinich

High education / Experience

Educational Institutions, Degrees, Memberships

July, 2006 – June, 2011
Lomonosov Moscow State University

Foreign Languages


Professional Activity


Consulting and registration of companies abroad

Legal support and administration of foreign companies

Opening of corporate and personal bank accounts

Residence permit / permanent residence permit and visa support in Cyprus

Business Relocation (redomiciliation) to/from Cyprus

Acquisition of special licenses in Cyprus

Legal due diligence and drafting of legal opinions

Advice on AML/Compliance procedures, risk analysis

Advice on FATCA/CRS procedures

Trusts and succession planning, overseas succession advice

Seminars and consultations

Alina Marinich

Alina Marinich

Lawyer GSL Law & Consulting

Age 35 years
Length of Professional Experience 13 years
Length of Service at GSL 10 years

Contact Details

Office phone:

+357 22 003146


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